Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign is a great way to fix misaligned teeth, but it isn’t for everyone. This dental advancement is popular as it eliminates the need for bulky wires and metals that can also cause irritation and pain.

If you’re interested in having straight teeth, and you are interested in Invisalign, it’s best to start the process with a dentist consultation. However, you can also do your research to have an idea whether this treatment will suit you.

Here are factors to check to find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign.

  1. Your Orthodontic Concern

Invisalign can correct various orthodontic issues. However, it isn’t always the best option for severe cases. If you’re experiencing the following minor orthodontic problems, Invisalign may be able to fix it:

An orthodontist will be able to recommend an alternative option.

  1. Your Age

Age is also an important determining factor whether Invisalign will be right for you. This treatment isn’t suitable for children and younger teens as their teeth are still developing.

Younger patients may remove the appliance at whim, not wear it all, or forget getting new trays. Older teens and adults are good candidates as they can already follow instructions.

Patients who also feel conscious about having to wear an oral appliance will also appreciate Invisalign trays as they’re transparent and removable.

  1. Your Level of Commitment

One of the strengths of Invisalign is that it can be removed. However, this also presents a huge challenge to patients.

To ensure treatment success, you need to wear it for at least 22 hours daily. Take it off for meals or specific activities and put it back on right after.

The treatment duration may last longer if you and your dentist don’t see results you’re aiming for.

Book Your Invisalign Consultation Today

The factors listed above can serve as an initial checklist. But to get a better idea whether Invisalign is right for you, you’ll still need to talk to an oral healthcare professional. Discuss your smile goals, worries, and dental concerns.

Do you want straight teeth? Sit down with a dentist. Schedule your free consultation today.



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