Teeth Whitening for Brides and Grooms

Spring and summer is high season for weddings and planning is in full swing. While finding the perfect venue and planning the honeymoon of your dreams, make sure that you plan for a photo perfect smile too. With so much attention focused on gowns, tuxes, hair and make-up, a bright white smile is the crowning touch that will make you and your special day truly beautiful.

Teeth whitening takes less time than you think. Using state of the art LED based technology, we can safely provide you with whiter teeth in just a few minutes, so you can get back to your wedding planning sooner! All new patients receive a free Teeth Whitening with new patients’ initial exam and cleaning, but only until July 31, 2016! Click this link to our FREE WHITENING SPECIAL and Call us today at 905-623-3133 to make an appointment.