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Western Little Smiles Event - July 2019

All the cowboys and cowgirls rode into Aspen Springs Dental Centre for a day of fun with their families and our staff. With wild dental chair rides, thrilling tools and gadgets to explore, and loot bags, the whole gang was having a ball. If you missed all the fun, look out for our next event. Y'all come back now ya hear.

Staff in Cowboy outfits
female staff in cowboy outfits
Child using our wanted poster
Patients taking pictures in out wanted poster
more patients using out western backdrop
male posing in our wanted poster
man posing with a famoud cowboy pose
man posing with our jail back drop
office staff using western props
another photo of office staff using western props
staff posing in reception
man and woman posing with western jail props
two women wearing flannel and using a fake mustache
office staff posing with western props
just a couple of banits
little girl posing by a hay bale
child and mother posing with western garb
child and mother posing with western garb again
two children posing with their mother
mother and infant posing in front of western backdrop
small boy using western backdrop
two staff using jail props
little boy with a huge mustache
mother and sun having fun taking pictures

Winter Wonderland Little Smiles Event - November 2019

Families, children, and staff all joined in the fun for our winter wonderland Little Smiles event. Ms. Frosty and her reindeer staff helped the children explore all the fun things at the dentist's office like dental chair rides, tools, and gadgets as well count their teeth and goody bags too. We want to thank everyone for making this event a great success. We look forward to seeing you soon.

receptionist drinking coffee
3 office members wearing christmas outfits
4 staff members wearing christmas outfits
2 office staff standing in the hallway
3 staff posing in the office
receptionists posing with christmas props
woman in christmas pyjamas
two staff waering pyjamas
female child posing with christmas props
two small paitents taking pictures
mother and sun taking pictures at aspen springs dental
father and daughter posing with christmas props
father and daughter posing with christmas props on a background of snow flakes
happy family at aspen springs dental
mother and child during the holidays
mother and daughter holding holiday props
mother, father and son taking holiday photos at aspen springs
small family smiling at aspen springs dental
father and two children using christmas masks
woman posing in front of a background of snowflakes
two staff members smiling at aspen springs dental

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