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Invisalign: Everything you need to know!

There are many benefits to the Invisalign system in comparison to conventional wire braces. Wire braces can be bulky, uncomfortable and painfully obvious. With Invisalign, however, your smile remains intact. Because it works with clear plastic trays, there is no need to feel self-conscious about your mouth in public or social situations. Patients say the plastic aligners are more comfortable to wear because there are no wires and brackets bonded to your teeth. Speaking becomes easy and natural while straightening your teeth. The trays are also removable. This makes regular brushing and flossing much easier than the effort required to keep teeth and braces clean while wearing braces. Of course this also reduces the risk of forming cavities too.

Enjoy the Foods You Love

Teeth bonded to wire braces require intensive care, and can make your lips, cheeks, and gums sore. They may leave white marks after removal. With braces, there are also restrictions to the foods you can consume. Crunchy or chewy foods such as pizza crust, apples, popcorn, carrots, chips, bagels, and corn on the cob tend to be off limits for wire brace wearers as well as chewing gum.Since the Invisalign trays are detachable, you can continue to eat the foods you love.

Great Results

Invisalign is a proven method of straightening your teeth with excellent results. Aspen Spring’s patients have been thrilled with the results. View their testimonials here or see the results in a before and after gallery here. You can have the straighter, healthier smile you always wanted. Contact us to find out more about Invisalign today!

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