Aspen Springs Dental offering Free X-Rays and Teeth Cleaning

We know how busy your life can get, and how unexpected expenses can derail the best of plans. But a little prevention now can help you gain and keep your smile healthy and beautiful for life. That’s why Aspen Springs Dental is pleased to offer you free x-rays and teeth cleaning.* We want you to enjoy everything life has to offer with the healthiest of smiles.

By going digital, our ability to find and diagnose potential problems is unparalleled. Digital technology has tremendous advantages over traditional dental X-rays. Tooth decay invisible to the naked eye can be detected, while exposure to radiation is reduced. For instance, digital X-rays can be viewed immediately and enlarged to the size of a computer screen so consequently this allows us to find a treatment plan for minor problems before they grow into costly, painful ones. As a bonus, with no chemicals, they are better for you and the environment. Please call 905-623-3133 for details today!

*Valid only for new patients to the practice, 1 unit of scaling in conjunction with the new patients’ examination.