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Aspen Springs Dental Centre

A Lifetime of Smiles


Why Aspen Springs Dental Centre?

You Can Relax
Aspen Springs Dental is a modern, spa-like, relaxing environment to help reduce your anxiety and make you feel relaxed and comfortable while under our care. Our office design is inspired by nature and the surrounding beauties of Clarington. From the office name (Aspen Springs) to the colours, murals and the names of the operatories (named after trees) all are designed to take you away from the anxiety and discomfort of being at a dental office.

You Can Get All Your Dental Work Done In One Place
Having 12 general dentists and specialists at our office enables us to provide you comprehensive care and provide for all your oral health needs under one roof.

You Get The Most Advanced Dental Care At Standard Prices
By investing in state-of-the-art facility and equipment such as advanced scanning and digital x-ray equipment we are able to give you proper diagnosis and treatment options.

Despite all our investments in advanced technology and facility as well as investing in training and education of our staff and doctors, we run an efficient office keeping the cost of the operation down and keep the cost of dentistry as low as possible. We follow the Ontario Dental Association’s Fee Guide and will always provide you with different types of treatments options when possible.

You Don’t Have To Pay Upfront When Using Insurance
We bill insurance companies directly so that you don’t have to pay the insurance portion of the treatment cost at the time of your appointment. We also accept all major credit cards, cheques, and e-transfers as an added convenience.

You Can Finance More Extensive Procedures At No Cost
For some procedures, we offer payment plans to suit your financial needs at no interest.

Great Hours and You Can Park For Free
We have ample free parking and we are open evenings and Saturdays to accommodate your busy schedule.

A Dental Experience You’ll Actually Want To Have

…Aspen Springs Dental


At Aspen Springs Dental we want to make that visit as comfortable, and dare we say as enjoyable as possible.

By focusing on every aspect of your experience from the first time you call, to your appointment visits, and even when it comes to paying for your care, our team will ensure your thoughts about the dreaded trip to the dentist will change.

What Are You Looking For?


Your child needs a dentist to show her dental trips can be fun.


Your mouth is healthy and you want to keep it that way.


Your teeth and gums are healthy but you want to improve your smile and make it more beautiful.


Something is wrong and you want to get it fixed.


You've been suffering from poor oral health and you feel it is time to deal with it once and for all.


Children's Dentistry

Aspen Springs is passionate about children’s dentistry. Many of our staff are busy working parents just like you. While we want the best for our children’s dental health, it can be hard to know just where to start. That’s why our philosophy is to make children’s dentistry fun for the kids and convenient for their caregivers. It starts when you book your first appointment. Our office offers extended hours during evenings and on Saturday. This way, your children don’t have to miss school or extracurricular activities, and you don’t have to miss work to keep their appointments. You and your children will be greeted with friendly smiles upon arrival. Parents can relax in a waiting area with all the comforts of home while your little ones are happily occupied in our children’s play area, with a brightly painted mural, a play station and two computers loaded with fun games.



Your teeth and gums are healthy. Now what? We will help you develop an ongoing strategy for keeping your teeth in optimal condition. Regular check-ups, routine dental hygiene appointments, and periodic X-rays will help ensure everything stays healthy. And if any problems should arise, they will be caught as early as possible.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is a huge part of your appearance, and the first thing people notice about you, besides your eyes. It is one of the main factors in the impression others form of you. It's essentially, as this quote says: "A smile is a light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside." – Denis Waitley There's lots of research that shows that those of us who smile are healthier in many aspects and even feel happier. Smiling actually does have physiologic health implications, so a confident smile is a big deal. Early in my career, two things became very obvious. Second to being free of pain, everyone wants to have a great smile, so for everyone who comes to see us, having a confident smile is the number one goal. In many cases, unfortunately, people would rather be anywhere but a dentist's chair, so we're going to talk about that as well in this report. Cosmetic Dentistry may be for you if:

To learn more about what you can do about your smile book a free consultation with one of our team.


Restoring Damaged Teeth

When a toothache hits or you break or crack a tooth, you want to get that fixed as quickly as possible. At Aspen Springs Dental we do everything we can to fit you in the day you call. Waiting to get a tooth repaired is not something we would want to do so we try not to make you wait either. Repairs are typically fillings, crowns or, when it involves missing teeth, bridges and implants. If you have an issue you need fixed today, give us a call and we’ll get you in.


Haven't Been To The Dentist In A While?

Aspen Springs Dental is a different kind of dental clinic We offer non-judgemental dentistry in a safe, comfortable, professional environment. In terms of dental problems, with 12 dentists and specialists, we’ve really seen it all! Visiting the dentist is frightening for many people, and can be especially hard for those living with severe oral problems and illness. Treating many patients like this has solidified the deep need to provide respectful and non-judgmental dental services: we’re here to help people find better dental health no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. We also work within your budget offering everything from extractions to dental implants and everything in between. With oral health playing such an important part of overall health we urge you to get any issues looked at sooner rather than later. So, don’t be nervous, don’t be shy, let us welcome you to our office & help you to a long life with healthy teeth and gums. Call to book your free consultation and get started today.




"The spa like atmosphere, the friendly people, and skilled hygienist made for a wonderful experience!


"Great personalized service. Lovely staff and clean office space. They take being afraid of the dentist seriously, they are understanding and they have patience.

Caitlin R

"The whole experience, whether it's a clean or any other dental needs. You won't be disappointed. Very clean. The staff are great!

Glen D

our front desk

New To Town?

Welcome to Bowmanville! You’ve chosen a vibrant, growing community with a lot of choices. One very easy decision you will never question is to choose Aspen Springs Dental as your dentist in Bowmanville.

What makes us different from other dentists in Bowmanville? We know that people and families are busier than ever. That’s why we make our office a convenient, relaxing place to look after all your dental needs. Our goal is to provide our patients with exceptional quality of care in a warm, friendly, relaxing and modern environment.

We have 12 general dentists and specialists to take care of all our patients' oral health needs all under one roof.

We offer extended evening and Saturday hours so you can arrange an appointment when convenient for you and your family.

We even have same day emergency service for those unexpected situations. Relax before your appointment in our luxurious waiting area with comfortable chairs, fireplace, and flat screen TV. Your children have their own special play area with lots of fun computer games to keep them occupied.

All this is provided to our patients in the most cost-effective way. At Aspen Springs Dental Centre we follow Ontario Dental Association's fee guide to keep the cost of treatments as low as possible. We also provide our patients with clear choices in terms of their treatment options. A good - better - best approach so you can fit your dental treatment into your budget.



At Aspen Springs, we use the most modern and effective tools available to provide the quality of dentistry that you and your loved ones deserve. This could include: Digital X-ray, iTero, Intra-Oral Cameras, Panorex-Ceph, Cephalometric Xray



Early diagnosis of potential problems means that costly and painful procedures can be avoided as much as possible.

At our practice, we focus on preventative dentistry. We believe preventing a disease is easier, less costly and less painful than curing it. Therefore, we focus on regular and ongoing care to help you keep your healthy teeth and gums for life. Our services include Hygiene & Prevention, Sedation Dentistry, Dental Implants, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Orthodontics, Teeth Whitening, Mouth Guards and Invisalign.


Your First Visit

We understand that many people feel anxious about visiting the dentist. If that is you, you are not alone.

Our entire practice is built on making an extra effort to ensure you are comfortable every time you visit.


Ready For The Best Dental Experience Of Your Life!

We know how busy life can get. That’s why we have convenient hours so you can keep a healthy smile no matter how packed your schedule is.

Plus, our location is central and easy to get to.


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