Invisalign: How it Works

Invisalign is a modern solution to traditional methods of straightening one’s teeth. For years, wire braces corrected a variety of teeth and jaw alignment flaws. The wire system is painful to wear, difficult to maintain, requires intensive professional dental care, and can be a source of embarrassment for many wearers.

With Invisalign, wearers are much more at ease as their teeth align. The inserts are easy to slip off and maintain, the treatment process requires fewer dental check-ups than conventional braces, and the trays are virtually invisible when worn.

The Invisalign method involves wearing tailored alignment trays that gently put strategic pressure on teeth and gradually move them. Our specialists specifically create and develop these clear inserts to address each patient’s individual requirements. Once a set of trays has achieved its purpose, a new set is worn according to your dentist or orthodontist’s treatment plan. Made of clear BPA-free plastic, these inserts will not chafe against lips, cheeks, and gums, unlike traditional wire braces. They are removable prior to eating, brushing and flossing, making maintenance easier than that of traditional wire braces. Simply carry on with your regular dental care routine, and then slip the trays back in place. For best results, wear the alignment trays for a minimum of 22 hours per day.

Not only are Invisalign trays easy to wear and maintain, but they are also practically invisible. Most people will be unaware that you’re wearing them to straighten your teeth. You can keep your confident smile that keeps getting better day after day.

There is a misconception that the Invisalign system is more expensive than traditional braces. The truth is each patient’s case is individual, therefore making it difficult to accurately assess the cost comparison. However, most dentists and orthodontists agree that neither method is consistently more expensive than the other.

The cost of an Invisalign treatment plan depends on various factors. The complexity of correction needed must be considered, such as the severity of teeth crowding or spacing, the degree of under or over-bite being corrected, and the patient’s age. These factors and more may play a part in how to address and correct your dental issues.

Company dental insurance plans cover Invisalign as they would conventional braces. We can discuss and arrange a payment plan on a per patient basis if you do not have dental coverage.

Our dental office, Aspen springs offers teeth straightening solutions using the Invisalign system. We examine your situation and explain and implement a computer-generated plan, customizing your exact requirements for the best results. A typical treatment involves having an impression and photos of your teeth taken. These impressions are scanned and computer analyzed. We then create a series of trays using this virtual model to slowly shift your teeth into their new positions. In a few weeks, you will begin to wear the first of the required pairs of trays to achieve the desired improvement. Most people quickly adjust their speech to compensate for the thin teeth coverings. By wearing the Invisalign trays for a minimum of 22 hours a day, it is fairly easy to predict how long it takes each set to adjust your teeth. Dental check-ups tend to be every six weeks.

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