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Gum Surgeon in Bowmanville

Since gums support the teeth, maintaining healthy gums is an integral part of any dental practice. As such, gum surgery may be recommended for treatment and prevention of disease or cosmetic applications.

There are various types of gum surgery. Gum surgery can involve both the removal of gum tissue as well as reshaping and grafting onto existing gum tissue.

Building up receding gums

The underlying tooth and root is exposed when gums recede. Not only does this detract in appearance, but it can also cause tooth sensitivity and eventual loss.

Gum surgery is used to treat the underlying bone structure and build up receding gum tissue.

Removing excess gum tissue

Excessive surrounding gum tissue can make it difficult to keep your teeth clean and healthy because it can trap food and bacteria.

It can also cause problems with speech and chewing. Cosmetically, removing gum tissue improves smile appearance.

Types of Gum Surgery

1.     Pocket depth reduction

Gum disease can cause deep pockets to form around the tooth. Bacteria and plaque can collect in these pockets and require surgery for removal. If not treated immediately, the pockets can attract more bacteria and lead to bone and tissue loss.

If the pockets are already too deep, home oral hygiene habits won’t be enough to clean them. They need treatment to reduce their size and prevent the progression of gum disease.

Your dentist will fold back the gum tissue to treat the underlying tooth and remove bacteria and tartar below the gumline. The bone may also be smoothened to reduce irregular areas where bacteria can breed.

Afterward, the gum tissue is stitched and a dressing applied to protect the area. Once the gum heals, the stitches will dissolve or be removed by your dentist.

Your tooth will be more visible with a shallow gumline. There’s also less chance that bacteria will form around the gumline.

2. Regeneration

Your dentist may recommend a regenerative procedure if the jawbone is severely damaged.

Your dentist will fold back the gum tissue and remove bacteria. Bone grafts or membranes can be used to encourage bone and tissue regeneration. Afterward, the gum is stitched and dressed to heal.

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